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Replacement Power Seat Track Cables
Himax HB3630-1500 Brushless Motor

Weight: 225g(7.94oz)
Max Power: 600W (This is dependent on several factors)
Max RPM: 40,000 RPM
Diameter: 36.0mm, (1.42”)
Length: 53.7mm, (2.11”)
Shaft Diameter: 5.0mm, (.1969”)
Mounting Screw Thread: M3, max depth 4.0mm, on 25.4mm, (1.00”) bolt circle
Maximum Case Temperature: 100oC, (212oF)

Electrical Specifications:
HB3630-1500 motor: Kv = 1606, Rm = .0227, Io = 2.4, Efficient Operating Current = 25-50A

NOTE: Water Jacket is highly suggested for both inboard and outboard applications.

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