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Extruded Polystyrene Foam is a closed-cell foam. Sold in 2" x 2' x 4' pieces and 4" x 2' x 4'.
Cuts easily with blades, saws, hot wire (Do not cut in enclosed space) or other means.
Carves and sands easily.
Ideal for wings, and general form creation.

**Coat only with epoxy products or similar.

***Due to handling, some dents, marks or scratches may be present in surfaces.

Property and Test Method
*Thermal Resistance, per inch, ASTM C518, C177, @ 75F mean temp., ft2hF/Btu, R-value, min. 5.0
*Compressive Strength(1), ASTM D1621, psi, min. 40
*Water Absorption, ASTM C272, % by volume, max. (24hr water immersion) 0.3
*Water Vapor Permeance(2), ASTM E96, perms 1.0 (57.2 ng/Pa.s.m2)
*Maximum Use Temperature, F 165
*Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion, ASTM D696, in/inF 3.5 x 10-5
*Flexural Strength, ASTM C203, psi, min. 60
*Complies with ASTM C578, Type VI

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